Why should you Buy an N95 Mask?


An N95 mask is also known as a safety respirator and is an individual protective device. It was conceived to filter 95% of the particles diffused through the atmosphere and represents an alternative that offers a higher level of protection than a simple surgical mask.

And, in this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, an N95 mask is essential to protect yourself and the ones you care about since the coronavirus enters the body mainly through the mouth and nose!

95 numerics in word N95 stand for 95% BFE (bacterial filtration rate). As surprising as it may sound, but COVID 19 is not a bacteria but it is a virus but we are still using BFE as a parameter to select best masks which have the potential to protect us against COVID 19 virus. There are no well-known virus filtration benchmark parameters. 

KN 95 masks are N95 masks that are typically manufactured in china. What is important is the BFE of a mask and not where the mask is manufactured. 

How to use N95 masks?

Soon after the Indian government suggested people to use masks (N95 masks, facemasks and other types of protective masks), people have been rushing to online stores to buy this mask. And, evidence has proved that it is quite effective in protecting the wearer from potential coronavirus infections. 

Before putting it on, you need to wash your hands with a hand sanitizer or soap and water. After that, you have to put on the mask to protect the oral and nasal cavities. It must adhere perfectly to the face to be entirely effective. The most significant advantage of these masks is that they are reusable, and so the cost pays off!

n95 masks

Also, please ensure that you are not using a disposable N95 mask multiple times as it is meant to be disposed of after a particular duration of usage. 

If you want to reuse the N95 mask, please specifically buy reusable N95 masks. These masks can be used again and again after washing them. If you do not have an N95 mask, there is nothing to worry. Just cover your face and nose with a homemade mask or cover. 

It is important to note that please do not keep your N95, KN 95 or any other mask on the table or other commonly touched surfaces like dining table, kitchen racks etc. Since COVID 19 infection spread by fomites (surface to surface), it is imperative that you dispose of disposable masks and if it is a reusable N95 mask, then it must be kept in a separate washing area or is immediately washed and kept to dry. These small but impactful habits will keep you safe from COVID 19. 

Final words

As explained above, N95 mask or any other face cover is essential to ward off possible chances of contracting the virus and N95 mask is more effective than an ordinary surgical mask for COVID 19 protection. 

You can buy the best N95 masks online by comparing features, specifications, and filtering capacities to choose the one that suits your needs, or check out the 6 layers SITRA tested N95 reusable mask (in a pack to 10) already uploaded in our platform for your convenience. 

Because of the enormous buying rush by people and companies for their employees, there is sometimes scarcity of the mask. So we decided to fill in the gap for bulk COVID 19 protection supplies requirements by the companies such as (startups. SMEs, and corporates) or Trusts (NGOs and Schools). If you represent any of such businesses, please do not hesitate to reach out to us ASAP.  

We, as a company, do not hoard or follow arbitrary pricing. We price our products in a responsible manner and follow all government pricing cap guidelines for these essential supplies. If you find any products on our platform that breach these guidelines, please do inform us on thecovidmart@prozo.com.