What is this platform about?

This platform is for bulk purchases of all the COVID protection supplies such as IR Thermometers, Automatic Fogger Machine, PPEs, and Masks. The platform is specifically helpful for SMEs, Startups, corporates, schools, NGOs, and trusts who need these supplies for their efforts on a day to day basis. 

Who all can use this platform?

All kinds of businesses can buy from this platform be it a Proprietorships, Partnerships, Pvt limited. Also the NGOs, trust, schools are welcome to buy from our platform. This platform is not for purchase by individuals. We will be requiring business information to process the transaction.

What is the mode of payment?

All orders on the platform are on a prepaid basis. We accept all types of online payment. The Razorpay payment gateway has been integrated with the platform.

Is this a new initiative or how do we know it is trustworthy?

This platform is run by Prozo Distribution Pvt. Ltd. which is very well known and one of India's largest distribution companies in the academic books segment. You can find more about the parent company at www.prozo.com. 

Is it a marketplace or wholesale platform?

In the first phase - It will act as a wholesale place because currently sourcing the inventory is one of the most difficult things. So, thecovidmart.com will be buying the inventory and will be selling the same through this platform. Very soon, we will start onboarding the sellers and this platform will be converted into a marketplace. If you are a seller for COVID protection supplies and want to list with us, please send us an email on thecovidmart@prozo.com with a subject line “Interested in becoming a seller on the covidmart.com”. Our team will be more than happy to assist you. 

How certain we can be of the Inventory holding by thecovidmart and timely dispatches?

thecovidmart.com is buying inventory in bulk from trusted manufacturers and importers. Very rarely, we buy inventory from traders and distributors. Because of our direct access to manufacturers in India and abroad and access to the top importers and CFA agents, we are more certain of offering supplies than other platforms/suppliers. 

Therefore, you can place orders with a high degree of certainty that your orders will be fulfilled. In most of the cases, thecovidmart.com is holding the inventory and we will be able to service the orders. If because of some reasons, one/few of the item/s in your cart have run out of our inventory, we will be buying that particular item real-time from our large supplier network. In such cases, the customer care team will inform you of the delay. In rare cases, if we are not able to service the orders despite our best efforts or within 7 days of placing the orders, we will completely refund the money. 

Since this is an advanced payment based platform, what if I want to cancel my order?

The order once placed can't be canceled. However, if thecovidmart.com is unable to dispatch the order within 72 hours, you can ask for a complete refund for the order. The entire amount except for the payment gateway charges will be refunded to you in your company's bank account/account used for the transaction. If the order is canceled after a waiting period of 7 days, the payment gateway charges also will not be deducted from the refund. 

What if I want to buy a huge quantity of items e.g. one million N95 masks or 3ply masks or similar items?

Great! if you want to buy very large quantities of these items you can request a quotation from us on the following numbers 9873112459, 8882170255, 7428689506, or drop an email on thecovidmart@prozo.com or thecovidmart@gmail.com.

Alternatively, we have a bulk requirement quotation page (https://thecovidmart.com/pages/request-for-quote-1) where also you can raise your query.

Where is stock located and can we physically verify the stock?

Yes, the stock is located in Noida Warehouse. The office premises address is Prozo Distribution Private Ltd, Everest Office Building, D-206, Ground Floor, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India - 201301. If you want to verify the stock you are most welcome to do that. Please take an appointment for the visit a day in advance. We can verify the stock through live video calls and live location tracking as well. 

Are we selling only the certified items?

Yes, we specifically look for certification for all the items ( For example, If we buy a mask then we look whether it is NIOSH Certified, WHO Certified, CE Certified, and FDA Certified ). 

What if the product is faulty?

If the product received by you is faulty, you're requested to produce us proof within 24 hours of receiving that stock. You can send us an email on thecovidmart@gmail.com and the covidmart@prozo.com if you can not reach us. 

Also if there is any delay in escalation, it will be difficult for us to trace the reason that the fault stock was supplied by us. However, if you are able to demonstrate the same with a certain degree of certainty, we will be more than happy to replace that particular stock. If we are not able to replace then we will provide the full refund of your order. IN no case, the liability of the thecovidmart.com will be more than the order value with thecovidmart.com.